How to get Promotion in 5 steps
How to get Promotion in 5 steps

You are Doing a job from 10 to 18 months and don’t get any Promotions? Or you are working hard and not getting that much salary? Well these are few problem face by Thousands of people everyday.

Obtaining a promotion isn’t always easy, but if you’re willing to do some search, Do some research and create a career development plan – then you’ll make getting that much coveted promotion a lot easier. Here are the 5 steps to Obtain Promotion in Your Job :

Step 1: Analyze your current performance: Doing same to same work won’t get you promoted. You have to do something unique something which represent your passion to your Boss. Now Here a lot of people think about HARD-WORK but i’m not referring you that HARD-WORK can give you a job but i can’t give Promotion in Job . Now here a question is clicking your mind that what should you have to do then. The Simple Answer is SMART-WORK. First, take a look at the results you’re achieving in your current job and take a look at the results what other achieving then make sure you’re meeting or beating all of your Boss’s performance expectations.Then, look for ways you can go higher and further the daily requirements to indicate how you add value to the organization.

Step 2: Do research: People need Money People need jobs and people need promotions but what people mostly don’t do is research. If You Have little bit research on company you’re in and have a bit of research on job descriptions then you can obtain promotion easily. If the job isn’t currently posted, you can ask your HR representative for the existing job description or even look online to find job postings of that job or similar jobs at other companies.

Step 3: Create your career development plan. For every gap you identified, determine your plan of action on how you’ll overcome it. For example, if you don’t meet the minimum education requirement, could you go back to school in the evenings to finish your college degree? If you don’t have enough years of people management experience, could you volunteer to lead project teams to gain more experience and prove your leadership skills?

Step 4: Obtain feedback. Seek out others who are successful in the job you want and ask them to a coffee chat. Let the person know you’re interested in a similar job in the future and would like their feedback. Walk them through where you are today, the job you want, your gap analysis and your career development plan. Then obtain their advice. Does your plan include everything they think you’ll need to be successful in a job like theirs? Are there any other attributes they feel were necessary for them to be successful in their job?

Step 5: Meet with your boss. After you’ve completed the previous steps, schedule time to meet with your manager to discuss your career aspirations. Share your career development plan and ask for feedback on any other actions you can take to better position yourself for that future promotion. Ask for his or her support in your quest to continue learning and developing in your career.


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