Tridge finds the right solution for buyers and suppliers. Our goal is to solve the market inefficiencies of the traditional global trade industry and provide a safe and efficient platform for suppliers and buyers to connect and communicate. Tridge platform helps buyers find reliable suppliers that best match their demands and allow suppliers to expand their global sales.

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Project Background:

Tridge, a global B2B trade platform, is trying to understand our key local agricultural and fishery auction and/or wholesale markets around the world.

At this moment, we are looking for local experts who can execute the project activities and deliver the required deliverables described below.

Project Activities:

  • Choose one of the national top 3 auction & wholesale market(s) for agriculture and/or seafood & fisheries (capture & aquaculture) near your location.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the definitions and types of the price sources listed in the “Price Source Types” tab.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the required steps for this project in the “Project Flow” tab.
  • Identify public and private online sources (ex. government, market management, market association ) that show local auction and wholesale price information (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  1. Given the online price sources that HQ already identified, find additional public and private online price sources.
  2. These new sources may be in English or the local language, and make sure the info coming from the sources is accurate and credible.
  3. If you find/know a “private” online source which requires addtional credentials or qualifications, provide your solutions or suggestions.
  4. Refer to some of our online price sources in the “Source List” tab for your reference.
  • Identify offline sources (ex. a dash/bulletin board, hard-copy report) that show local auction and wholesale price information (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  1. Each offline source must include the most representative 30+ agricultural and/or fishery products traded in the market.
  2. Make sure this price info is not coming from or does not completely overlap with any public online source in step 2 above.
  3. If you find/know a “private” offline source which requires addtional credentials or qualifications, provide your solutions or suggestions.
  • If you find a private online or offline source that requires a person or PIC, identify who has access to the source.
  1. Candidates include but is not limited to a “licensed buyer in the auction market”, “importer”, “wholesale association employee”, “wholesaler”, “designated bulk buyer”, “intermediary wholesaler”, “wholesale buyer”, or “auctioneer”.
  2. Obtain a sample of price info from your candidate and if the info meets our criteria, negotiate with him/her to provide Tridge with price info on periodic & ongoing basis.
  3. An ideal candidate has a good sense of local market trends from the relationships with his clients, including local retailers, food manufacturers, HORECAs (hotels, restaurants and cafes), wholesalers, consumers, etc.
  4. Consult with our team before recruiting candidates.

Project Deliverables:

A report on your country’s local auction or wholesale markets of agriculture or seafood & fisheries that includes:

  • The most recent, complete daily or weekly price postings or reports from each of the online / offline sources by type with top 50+ local major products of agricultural and seafood & fishery products
  • A diagram of major stakeholders and their transactional/relational flows at the market

Project Period:

  • 1 week ~ 2 weeks
  • Depends on the market situation
  • During the interview, we will discuss the project payment


  • Preferred 2~5 years of experience in any relevant field (Agri/Aquaculture products, Export/Import, Wholesale, Auction, Procurement/purchasing, Food, etc.)
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English

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